USLab Submits a Joint Research Grant Proposal for Overseas Chinese Scholars to NSFC (USLab提交了2016年度国家自然科学基金海外及港澳学者合作研究基金项目申请) [2016-03-20]


  In cooperation with Dr. Houbing Song at West Virginia University, USA, USLab submits a joint research grant proposal for overseasChinese scholars to Natural Science Foundation of China. The proposal, which takes nearly two months' elaborate preparations, is entitled Health Status Prediction Based on Correlated Medical Big Data. Do one's best and leave the rest to God's will.

  经过近两个月的认真准备、反复修改,美国West Virginia University的宋厚冰老师与USLab团队合作,向国家自然科学基金委提交了“基于相关性医疗大数据的健康状态预测”海外及港澳学者合作研究基金项目申请。尽人事以听天命。