USLab Coorperates with International Colleagues Organizing a SI for Smart Health (Elsevier) (USLab与国际同行合作为Elsevier期刊Smart Health组织一期专刊) [2016-11-15]

USLab is now coorperating with colleagues from University of New South Wales, Australia, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, to organize a special issue (SI) on Wearable Sensor Signal Processing for Smart Health for Smart Health journal (Elsevier). Interested colleagues may refer to for the CFP details. Manuscript submission deadline is March 31, 2017.
Topics of interest include but not limited to:
• Wearable sensors for physiological parameter monitoring
• Wearable sensor signal preprocessing algorithms
• Noise and artifact reduction and feature extraction and classification
• Signal processing to improve sensor precision and accuracy
• Off-line biosignal processing
• Real-time processing of sensor signals for smart health
• Biomechanical feedback in sports, diagnosis and rehabilitation
• Gesture and movement pattern recognition
• Motion/Gait tracking, recognition, and analysis
• Motion segmentation and evaluation
• Time- and power-efficient algorithms for high dimensional data
• Sensor data fusion and integration
• Static and dynamic calibration
• Personal area sensor networks: real-time communication and synchronization
• Cloud computing for wearable sensors
     USLab与来自澳大利亚University of New South Wales大学 、西班牙Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya大学和美国Worcester Polytechnic Institute的同行合作,正在为Elsevier的Smart Health期刊组织一期专刊:面向智慧医疗的可穿戴传感器信号处理。感兴趣的同行可以参阅具体的征文通知: ,投稿截止日期为2017年3月31日。