Three Colleagues from GCU, UK, visit USLab and Give Interesting Talks (来自英国GCU的三位同行访问USLab并做报告)[2015-04-27]


On April 27th, three colleagues (Huaglory Tianfield, Katrin Hartmann,  Fiona Fairlie) from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, visit USLab, and  give interesting talks.
First Dr Yuan Zhang exchanges ideas with the colleagues on  collaboration issues in future research and student joint training  program, then the colleagues give three talks successively. Professor  Huaglory Tianfield's presentation is entitled 'Big Data and Cyber- Physical Clouds'. Dr Katrin Hartmann's presentation is entitled 'A  Navigation Model for Mobile Guides'. Dr Fiona Fairlie's presentation is  entitled 'The Application of User-centred Design to the Creation of  Learning Materials'.

  4月27日,来自英国Glasgow Caledonian University的三位同行访问了USLab,张 远博士与他/她们就后期合作事宜交换了意见,包括科学研究合作和联合培养硕士 生等。然后,三位同行依次做了精彩报告。Huaglory Tianfield教授的报告题目 是“Big Data and Cyber-Physical Clouds”,Katrin Hartmann博士的报告题目 是“A Navigation Model for Mobile Guides”,Fiona Fairlie博士的报告题目 是“The Application of User-centred Design to the Creation of Learning  Materials”。会谈与报告取得了良好效果。