I came to china last year and very happy to be here in Jinan. The people, environment, culture all things are very good. However the cold is too much as I am from the tropical region. Last winter was a horrible journey for me.

I have visited several places in china including Beijing great wall, forbidden city, some beautiful places around Jinan city. The transportation system is so friendly and nice. However the Beijing subway was over crowded during my visit. Life is so much busy there compare to Jinan.

About my study, I have already attended some major courses and also learned little bit Chinese language. The classes were nice and enjoyable. My supervisor helped me a lot for doing research. He is very caring and cordial. He always response quickly no mater how busy he is. Furthermore, all the member of our lab are so friendly and helpful. And for this reason life becomes so much easier in china.

The difficulty I faced is food. I tried several time but could not able to eat Chinese food. So I always cooked food by myself.

Until now the life is great here. Hope I will get more experience in both life and research.