I was planning to go Australia for my postgraduate study. However I changed my plan when I got reply from Dr. Zhang. I was really impressed by his email conversations. He provides me all the necessary information and guideline about the admission procedure. After getting confirmation from the university about the CSE scholarship I took my preparation to come china. My supervisor made all the necessary arrangement such as receive from the local airport, registration to the university, accommodation etc.

Before come to china I was in little bit anxious about the university. I have searched online about University of Jinan but could not get a proper view of this university. All of my hesitation and worry were relieved when I had the first tour around the campus. It was surrounded by mountains and so beautiful.


Life in china moving so fast. I have already passed two years but still feels that I just came yesterday. Each and everyday I enjoyed so much and have lots of good memories and experiences. Among them the most memorable memory is: One day my son was so sick. I informed my supervisor about it. And he came to visit us within a very short time. He took all the necessary steps to cure my son. I was totally astonished and speechless to see his generosity and also the depth of the traditional Chinese medicine skill. And after a while my son felt good. From that moment I become a fan of this traditional Chinese medicine.

During my stay in china, I have visited several historical places such as the Great wall, Forbidden city, Tiananmen squire, Weifang kite city, Daming lake and also climbed some of the well known mountain around Jinan city. Also have experienced to visit some traditional families and closely see the Chinese culture and tradition.

Study and Research

To fulfill the program requirement I have to take some theoretical courses. I attended those courses and enjoyed the classes so much. Some of the classes were so much interesting due to the teaching style of the teachers. Apart from the course work I have also continued my research work. I learnt how to read a paper and how to review a research article. First time it was quite hard for me to do a review. I could not able to find what I suppose to look for. Then my supervisor told me that there must be at least one technical question in each paper and read the paper at least three times before make any further decision about that paper. From my experience I have realized that never motivated by the authors when reviewing a paper. Be always a curious minded and ask question, is it possible? If it is possible then ask is the procedure well organized? If then, is the work already done by other? If then, is there any significant improvement which make it publishable? So when I get the satisfactory answer from my hypothetical questions then I write my comments accordingly. I also learnt that to review a paper it also need to respect this no matter how bad the writing is. Because the research paper is a life time work of the authors which may took lots of time and efforts to establish something in that few pages.

Abut my own research, it was little bit late in the beginning due to the unavailability of the device which needs to collect the data. After waiting few months I move to do research based on the publicly available data from the internet according to the suggestion from my supervisor. We have submitted one paper in the journal and another one is under processing. Hope within few days we will able to submit the current paper.


After arrival in china I found two most challenges, language and food. However this barrier is not become mountain due to the generosity of the people. They help the foreigner at utmost level. I can still remember the hospitality of the manager of the Bank of china who stopped his own work to show us the direction of the toilet.


So far, I am enjoying so much being in China specially Jinan. I must mention that life in china become happier and enjoyable which may not be possible without the continuous support from Dr. Zhang, Alex, Sarah and others.