Dr Yuan Zhang Attended IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 Held Recently at Atlanta(张远博士参加了于亚特兰大召开的IEEE GLOBECOM 2013)[2013-12-25]


IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the two flagship conferences of IEEE Communications Society, together with IEEE ICC. In 2013, IEEE GLOBECOM was held in Atlanta, USA, from December 9th to 13th. Dr. Yuan Zhang attended the event and met several colleagues including, Dr. Weisong Shi (IEEE Fellow) from Wayne State University, Dr. Houbing Song (IEEE SM) from West Virginia University and Dr. Honggang Wang (IEEE SM) from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. They were optimistic about the development of mobile computing, especially in the mHealth domain. They also discussed the key technics and challenges within this field, and talked about the future collaboration.

IEEE GLOBECOM与IEEE ICC是IEEE通信协会的两大旗舰会议。2013年12月10日,张远博士参加了于美国亚特兰大召开的IEEE GlobeCom会议,并与来自Wayne State University的Weisong Shi博士(IEEE Fellow)、West Virginia University的宋厚冰博士(IEEE Senior Member)和University of Massachusetts Dartmouth的Honggang Wang博士(IEEE Senior Member)等会面交流,大家就移动计算尤其是移动医疗领域的发展前景普遍看好,并分析了其中的关键技术需求与难点,探讨了合作空间。