The IEEE International Conference on Internet of People (IoP 2015) will be held in Beijing, China, in August 2015. Dr Zhang is invited to serve as a TPC member.

Together with the wearable devices and brain informatics developing, Brain Research Plan and Social Computing will enrich the physical, social, cyber and thinking worlds and their fusion. Internet of People (IoP) focuses on personal information collection, characters modeling, and a wide range of applications. Due to the expected pervasion of IoP and its impacts on human activity, it will quickly become an important field and hot interdisciplinary.

IoP 2015 topics include: biometric sensors and biometric identification technology, wearable technology and application, brain informatics sensing and processing, body area network (BAN), social computing and collective intelligence network, Internet of brain and intelligence, security and privacy, human body signal collection, processing and communication, biomedical and healthcare application etc.

IEEE人联网国际会议(IoP 2015) 将于2015年8月在中国北京举办,近日,张远博士应邀担任该会议TPC委员。

随着可穿戴设备与脑信息学的发展,智力研究计划和社会计算会大大丰富物质生活、社会发展、网络建设和人们的思想世界,并且促进它们的融合。IoP(Internet of People,人联网)主要包括个人信息的收集、特征建模和大量相关的应用,它的发展十分迅速并且对人类活动的影响日益深入,因此很快会成为一个跨学科的重要研究领域。