Dr Yuan Zhang Is Invited as a TPC Member of WTS 2015 (张远博士应邀担任WTS'15 TPC委员)[2015-01-12]


The 14th annual Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS 2015) will be held in New York City, USA, in April 2015. Dr Zhang is invited to serve as a TPC member and starts to work.

WTS 2015 will focus on Wireless Communications: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Planned highlights of WTS 2015 include:

(1) Addresses and presentations by some of the most respected executives and researchers in the wireless communications industry.

(2) Leverage Big Data for Telecom

(3) Big Data Analytics for Telecommunications

(4) Presentations of accepted academic and practitioner research papers; a poster paper session; a doctoral students session.

(5) Mini-Symposia on Health-IT and Mobile Health, Emerging Media, and Mobile Computing.

第十四届无线通信研讨会WTS 2015将于2015年4月在美国纽约市举行,张远博士应邀担任该会议TPC成员并开始工作。

本次研讨会的主旨是:无线通信: 多学科的视角。本次座谈会的议题将包括:

(1) 部分无线通信业界著名高管和学者所做的精彩演讲;

(2) 主题讨论:电信大数据的杠杆作用;

(3) 主题研讨:电信大数据分析;

(4) 会议录用的学术界和业界研究论文报告;展板论文部分;博士生分会场;

(5) 信息健康技术和移动健康技术的小型座谈会,新兴的媒体、移动计算等。