Master Student Application with Scholarship at USLab, UJN, China (USLab开始招收2015届国际留学生研究生) [2015-03-10]-济南大学张远实验室


Ubiquitous Sensing Lab at University of Jinan (, China, is seeking 2-3 highly motivated MS student ASAP with three years' full support of Chinese Government Scholarship.

Supervisor: Yuan Zhang (PhD, Senior Member of IEEE, Associate Professor)

Current Research Fields: (1) Mobile Phone Sensing; (2) Wireless Sensor Network; (3) Wireless Security

Eligibility: Applicants must be/have:

(1) A citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health;

(2) Not a registered student in Chinese universities at the time of application;

(3) BS or BE holder (under the age of 35) in the field related to Mathematics, Information and Communication Technologies, or Computer Science/Engineering;

(4) Proficient English in reading, writing and speaking;

(5) Excellent academic back ground, preferably GPA 3.5 and above

Scholarship Coverage:

(1) a waiver of fee for registration, tuition, and basic textbooks;

(2) free on-campus dormitory accommodation;

(3) monthly living allowance (enough for daily expenditure);

(4) outpatient medical service and Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for international students in China.

Application Deadline:

Applicants should send detailed resume (with basic information like DoB, gender, marital status, nationality, etc.), academic transcripts, a high-resolution photo, to the email accouts below for consideration and further processing. The application (via email) deadline is March 31th, 2015.

Contact email:, (please send email to both accounts)