USLab Submits a Research Grant Proposal to NSFC (USLab提交了2015年度国家自然科学基金面上项目申请) [2015-03-20]


In cooperation with Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and with the participation of Dr. Houbing Song from West Uirginia University, the United States, USLab submits a research grant proposal to Natural Science Foundation of China. The proposal, which takes nearly two months' elaborate preparations, is entitled Smartphone Sensing Based Disease Mining And Location Prediction.

Do one's level best and leave the rest to God's will.

Abstract: Currently in healthcare domain, smartphone sensing based research and development is mainly focusing on application, while rarely on comprehensive basic research of personal health detection and location prediction. This project aims at narrowing the gap by making use of daily sensed raw data to converge them, after preprocessing, to the data center. On the one hand, outlier detection of the physiological data will be performed to analyze and warn the personal health state. On the other hand, data mining from history locations will predict the user’s future activity position. Specific technical innovations and potential contributions include: First, using distributed source coding to propose data aggregation algorithms for big medical data gathering. The data collection algorithm will produce efficient and accurate data set, and improve the efficiency of network transmission. Second, according to the correlation of medical datasets, outlier detection methods will be proposed in order to find body health problems in a timely manner. Third, based on the periodicity and randomicity of personal activities, multistage support vector machine will be used to propose location prediction algorithms, and to further find user’s behavior patterns. The implementation of the project will be expected to provide a series of fundamental theories and key algorithms, helping to ensure body health and to encourage reasonable behavior patterns from the perspective of big medical data wisdom.

经过两个月的认真准备、反复修改,USLab团队与中国科学院信息工程研究所合作,并有美国West Virginia University的宋厚冰老师参与,向国家自然科学基金委提交了“基于智能手机感知的疾病发现与位置预测”面上项目申请。