Dr Yuan Zhang Is Invited to Chair a technical session Mobile Opportunistic Networks at IIKI2015 (张远博士应邀组织IIKI2015的Mobile Opportunistic Networks分会场) [2015-08-01]


The 4th International Conference on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IIKI 2015) is to be held in Beijing, China, in October 2015. Dr Zhang, together with Dr Shengling Wang@BNU, is invited to organize a technical session Mobile Opportunistic Networks for thisevent(http://business.bnu.edu.cn/IIKI2015/). Areas of interest in this track include (but are not limited to)

• Routing, dissemination and caching in mobile opportunistic networks

• Theoretical Analysis for mobile opportunistic networks

• Security, trust, privacy in mobile opportunistic networks

• Cooperation for opportunistic computing

• Applications for mobile opportunistic networks

第4届物联网信息与知识国际会议(IIKI2015)将于2015年10月在中国北京举办,近日,张远博士应邀为该会议组织Mobile Opportunistic Networks分会场。