USLab Coorperates with International Colleagues Organizing a Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Health (USLab与国际同行合作发起组织国际会议Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Health) [2015-12-15]-济南大学张远实验室

Topics of interest included but not limited to:

• Store and retrieve ever growing dataset from smart and mobile devices

• New protocols and interfaces for integration/distribution of newly arrived data

• Outlier detection algorithms for big data analytics

• New approach to tackle large-scale bioinformatics classification problems

• Energy efficient data analytics scheme for high dimensional data

• Cloud computing and infrastructure for eHealth

• Machine learning frameworks designed on top of big data technologies

• Clustering algorithm for medical big data

• Information diffusion models and methods

• Large stream data analytics techniques on users’ historical data

• Optimize resource usage and energy consumption when executing the analytics application

• Typical mobile database management tools

• Novel applications and case studies for healthcare based on smart and mobile devices

• Medical data privacy preservation in cloud environment