USLab Graduates Visitied the Advanced Network Technology Lab at BUPT (USLab研究生访问北邮先进网络技术实验室) [2016-02-05]


On 20th January, 2016, USLab members were invited by Professor Lin Zhang(Executive Dean, School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT) to visit the Advanced Network Technology Lab, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. USLab graduate students exchanged their research interests with Professor Lin Zhang's PhD students. The members of the Advanced Network Technology lab, Bin Xiang, Xiaoyi Zhang and Wenfeng Yin presented their work on "Multi-View-Stereo Based 3D Reconstruction Using Mobile Cloud Computing", "Research on Cooperative Delivery and Performance Optimization Techniques of Mobile Video Streaming" and "Research on Data Processing and Intelligent Analysis Method in Mobile Medical Health" respectively. USLab members, Alex Adim Obinikpo, Md Mursalin and Zhichao Zhang presented their work on "A Time-Dependent Multi-Class SVM Algorithm for Mobility Prediction in Health Protection" , "Smartphone Based Real Time Epileptic Seizure Detection from Live EEG Signal" and "Research of Fuzzy Mathematics Method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Pulse Diagnosis" respectively. They had a series of focused and productive discussions.

2016年1月20日,应北京邮电大学信息与通信工程学院执行院长张琳教授邀请,USLab实验室三名研究生Alex Adim Obinikpo、Md Mursalin和张智超访问了北京邮电大学信息与通信工程学院先进网络技术实验室,并与张琳教授及其部分博士生开展学术交流。报告会中,先进网络技术实验室的向彬、张小奕和尹文枫博士,分别作了题为“基于移动云计算的三维重建关键技术研究”、“移动视频流的协同传输及性能优化技术研究”和“移动医疗中数据处理和智能分析方法的研究”的报告,泛在感知实验室USLab的三名同学分别作了题为“利用基于时间的多类支持向量机算法实现医疗防护中的位置预测”、“利用脑电信号实现基于智能手机的癫痫发作实时检测”和“中医脉诊中的模糊数学处理方法研究”的报告。双方进行了热烈的讨论和交流,并加深了合作预期。