Dr.HoubingSong and Dr. Huihui Wang Visit USLab and Give a Talk on Intelligent Systems in Healthand Medical Engineering(美国西弗吉尼亚大学和杰克逊维尔大学同行访问USLab并做学术报告) [2016-06-20]


On June 16th, USLab invited Dr. HoubingSong and Dr. Huihui Wang to visit the School of Information Science and Engineering,University of Jinan. The two colleagues also delivered a talk on Intelligent Systemsin Health and Medical Engineering which was chaired by Dr. Yuan Zhang. Somefaculty members of the School of Information Science and Engineering andstudents participated in the talk. The report has five sections including the IntelligenceSystem, Touch Technology, Robot Mechanical System, Computer System and PhysicalCirculation System. Dr. Wang introduced her current research work on the mobilewater quality monitoring system, the portable reminder system for Parkinson'sdisease patients, and the free interactive haptic system. They also exchangedideas with the teachers and students.

Dr.Houbing Songis currently an AssistantProfessor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, WestVirginia University, and the founding director of the West Virginia Centre ofExcellence for Cyber-Physical Systems (WVCECPS) sponsored by the West VirginiaHigher Education Policy Commission. His research interests lie in the areas ofcyber-physical systems, internet of things, cloud computing, big data,connected vehicle, and wireless communications and networking.Dr Song is an associate editorfor several international journals and a guest editor of several specialissues. Dr Song was the general chair of 5 international workshops, and hasalso served on the technical program committee for numerous internationalconferences. He has published more than 80 academic papers in peer-reviewedinternational journals and conferences. Dr Song is a Senior Member of IEEE.Dr. Huihui Wang isAssistant Professor andChair of Department of Engineering, Jacksonville University.Her current research interest is about health care/medicalengineering based on smart materials and 3D printing, MEMS and cyber physicalsystems.She is a member of IEEE,ASME and ASEE. She has served as a technical program committee member and areviewer for a couple of international conferences and journals.