From July 3rd to July 30th, Dr. Yuan Zhang visited seven Australian universities, building and maintaining further relationships with international colleagues there. The main meetings in terms of time sequence were in Deakin University, Victoria University, the University of New South Wales, and University of Technology Sydney, respectively.

The first stop was at Deakin University, where Dr Zhang was invited by Dr.Tom Hao Luan, Lecturer in the School of Information Technology, to visit the NSCLab. Dr Luan is an active researcher with fruitful output in the mobile computing domain. The second stop was Victoria University, where Dr Zhang gave a presentation on the current research work of USLab in Prof.Yanchun Zhang’s group. Both the CAI and USLab have common interests in healthcare related topics. In the half-day seminar Dr Zhang setup relationship with Dr.Yanchun Zhang, Dr.Hua Wang, Dr.Suily Suily, Dr.Xiaoxia Yinetc. At the UNSW, Dr Zhang had a pleasant talk with Dr.Lina Yaow.r.t. technical issues in biomedical data processing and future collaborations. Dr Yao is an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) Fellow between 2016-2018. Last but not least Dr Zhang met with Dr.Changle Li, a visiting scholar hosted by Dr.Guoqiang Mao, at School of Computing and Communications, the University of Technology Sydney. In addition, Dr Zhang also visited the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.


张博士访问的第一站在迪肯大学,他是应该校信息技术学院Tom Hao Luan博士的邀请访问澳洲的,栾博士在移动计算领域成果丰硕。在维多利亚大学,张博士参加了Yanchun Zhang教授团队的研讨会,介绍了USLab目前开展的科研工作,并与Yanchun ZhangHua WangSuily SuilyXiaoxia Yin等老师进行了广泛深入交流,双方在医疗保健领域具有共同研究兴趣。在新南威尔士大学,张博士与计算机科学与工程学院的Lina Yao博士讨论了生物医学大数据处理技术和后期合作事宜,并达成广泛一致,Yao博士是澳大利亚研究理事会DECRA基金获得者。最后,在悉尼科技大学计算与通信学院,张博士与来自西电通信工程学院的访问学者李长乐博士进行了愉快的交流。此外,张博士还访问了墨尔本大学、阿德莱德大学和南澳大学。