On October 20 2016, USLab members (Dr. Yuan Zhang, Zhichao Zhang and Sarah Ali Siddiqui) attended the 6th International Conference on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IIKI 2016) held at Jingshi hotel, Beijing Normal University. Dr. Yuan Zhang chaired the session of knowledge engineering, big data and cloud computing. Zhichao Zhang presented our work entitled KPD based Signal Preprocessing Algorithm for Pulse Diagnosis in the session of eHealth & Mobile Health. USlab members communicated with the colleagues from both domestic universities and oversea institutions.

2016年10月20日、21日,张远博士带领USlab成员张智超和Sarah Ali Siddiqui参加了由北京师范大学主办的第6届物联网信息与知识国际会议(IIKI2016)。张远博士主持了本次会议的Knowledge Engineering, Big Data and Cloud Computing分会场。USlab成员张智超在eHealth & Mobile Health分会上发表了题为“KPD based Signal Preprocessing Algorithm for Pulse Diagnosis”的演讲。会议期间,USlab成员与到场的部分国内外同行进行了密切交流。