The 11th Session of China-Slovenia Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee was held in Nanjing in November 2016. Both parties mutually agreed that projects under the present Protocol should be in accordance with priorities for S&T cooperation of both countries. According to the project priorities and regulations of both parties, the Committee selected the 22 projects of diverse fields for this session, among which USLab's proposal 'Key Technologies for Biosensor Signal Processing for Sport and Healthcare' gets approved.

中国与斯洛文尼亚科技合作委员会第11届科技例会于2016年11月在南京举办,双方对前期合作表示满意,对合作成果表示肯定,并决定继续开展双边科技合作与交流项目。根据前期签署的协议规定,委员会选择了不同领域的22个科技合作项目作为第11届科技例会交流项目。USLab张远博士和卢布尔雅那大学Sašo Tomažič教授共同提交的申请“面向体育和医疗的生物传感器信号处理关键技术研究”获批。